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This blog started off years ago in days of dumb and glum. I've grown much more than that and now, I know the growing, the searching, it's not stopping. Here's wishing for a kinder, happier world.

Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh.

It’s been approximately 4 hours and I haven’t been able to complete 5 pages of my research article reading. Yes, I’m highlighting each and every line, probably with a different highlighter alternatively. Do you guys know how monotonous it looks when you just use one highlighter? When it’s green, it makes my paper look like “the other side is always greener”. Only when you read the text on the anti-politics machine: “development” and bureaucratic power in Lesotho despite how green or pink or purple or fluorescent yellow it is, you realize that it will always be about the anti-politics machine: “development” and bureaucratic power in Lesotho, nothing more and sadly, nothing less. 

Actually, after every blood pumping paragraph about how the World Bank and the FAO (development and fund giving agencies) are fake, scamming and mischievous towards us and our world’s ghareeb and unparh mumaalik, I went to my Ammi and told her how exactly those development agencies lie about history, current issues and politics and make fancy videos on YouTube and ask to “Sponsor a child” and “Feed a family”. 

First, they feed us by creating a picture about how unpolitical the poor country’s government is and how YOUR money can help save a family without any political manipulation and bureaucratic corruption. Second, they take our “clean” money and hand it over to those people. Yes, your money gets there, but to who? These agencies apparently let the local committees employ laborers for the agencies through political routes, of course. Any one who is affiliated with a party will get the job and hence, when he goes to donate YOUR money to a poor villager he scams that villager to vote for that specific political party. E.g. in Lesotho, a country surrounded by South Africa, which was previously colonized by British until the 1966, is presented to the Western world as a very poor country whose state is 100% efficient and dedicated to letting your money go towards the country’s development.

Reality is if you donate your money to an organization such as Thaba-Tseka Development, this specific agency has slogans of the Basutho National Party (the political party of Lesotho) at the end of Sesotho-language documents, but NOT on the English documents. Why? Because those of us that do speak and read English, we understand the routes owned by politics and can rightfully, heroically question it. We’ve watched awesome movies and educated ourselves and some of us might have even gone through shit like that, but those illiterate Sesotho-speaking people shall not know what we know and this is just one sad story and just one part of it. These organizations also exclude the reasons why there is poverty and conflict. Majority is because of what these developing nations had done to us centuries ago. But just learning about one story, I wonder what happens to the rest of the developing countries we so humanely give away our money to. 

Now, if you’re sitting in a country far, far away and are donating money for the cause of East Africa, which is currently going through a heart-breaking, spine-chilling drought, how do you know which story you hear of is correct? How do you know where your money is going? The article I’m currently reading is written by a Canadian writer, who is investigating why Lesotho is given so much money and why it is portrayed as what it is not. In Pakistan, people questioned organizations that gave aid and helped the flood victims and at that time, I thought of that as something very heartless, but reality is majority of these development organizations are scams. It seems as though the bigger the organization gets, the less honest it’s work.

We are looted, not physically or monetarily, but emotionally. I guess then, since the youth isn’t that “big” and their arms do not reach to the dirty side, we might as well be doing a better job than the big fat-assed bureaucrats sitting at the top. 

Haaye. I started this blog to whine about how ajeeb it is that I’m not done reading one article when I have six more left on the impacts of health promotion. 

Sadly, the older I get, the world seems to confuse me more. Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh. Kahan se shuru keroon? Kab hogi khatam?

P.S, you might also just want to close this window in a matter of minutes like my mother kept looking away after each 4 to 5 words of my narration of the fraud the big fat World Bank, MFO and FOA do. You’re lucky I’m not in your face though. 

This is a slide from my lecture on this issue of development agencies and banks that give assistance and aid to the poorer countries - eventually making rules for them and “governing” them, which is exactly what is happening in Pakistan and many, many places around the world. 

  • 17 September 2011
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